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30 Day Challenge: Day 2 (Willow/Tara)
bela, supernatural
Title: Day 2 (Awkward Sex/Things Don’t Go As Planned)
Word Count: 691
Warnings: Explicit sex, lesbian sex
Summary: Willow wants to take charge.

Willow studied her face in the mirror as she brushed her teeth. She didn’t look nervous, her legs weren’t shaking, her face wasn’t really red. It wasn’t like she was unprepared, it wasn’t like this was her first time, it wasn’t even her first time with Tara.

It was the first time they’d planned things out. Invitations for a ‘sleepover’. This wasn’t a spur of the moment, heat of passion experience and Willow was feeling really out of her element. Usually Tara did things to her and as lovely as that was, it wasn’t right. She was going to return the favour tonight.

Tara left for the bathroom when Willow returned, taking her shower tote with her.

“Back soon.” She promised.

Willow lit candles and pulled back the blankets on the bed. Tara had nice sheets, a green that was dark enough to hide stains but light enough to add a little more space to the cramped dorm room. She took off her pyjamas, pulling the sheets up for now and tried to remember the tips she’d read online.

“Hey.” Tara came back in, her hair was wet and dripping onto the floor. She took off her bathrobe and used it to towel her hair.

“Wait, leave it wet?” Willow asked, pushing the sheets back down to the end of the bed. She squeezed her legs together and ran her thumb across one of her own nipples before stopping. Tonight wasn’t about her, she wanted to make it about Tara.

Tara nodded and joined her on the bed, her hair leaving damp streaks where it touched the sheets. She kissed Willow, her damp breasts pressing against the redhead’s and her mouth fresh and minty from her toothpaste.

Willow let Tara push her down and before she had a chance to explain that it was Tara’s day, there were fingers stroking around her breasts, down across her belly and lightly passing over her pussy.

She pulled away, breathing heavily from the arousal and the excitement of her plan.

“Something wrong?” Tara asked when Willow pulled out from underneath.

“Your turn.” Willow smiled nervously and pushed on Tara’s hip until she turned over before sinking down between her legs.

It wasn’t like she didn’t know what was going on here. She’d taken Biology, sex ed, she’d put in a tampon and masturbated. But it looked different, it smelled different.

Willow stretched out on the bed, propping herself up on her elbows. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, it was a lot shorter than she’d realised and she fell several inches short. She scooted forward on her elbows and poked out her tongue again.

It was soft, warm and still sort of damp from Tara’s shower. The hair here was darker than the hair on Tara’s head and it was trimmed short and close to her skin. Willow licked tentatively along the flesh above the folds of Tara’s labia and felt the wiry curls of the hair on her tongue.


“Yeah?” Willow looked up swallowing hard, her mouth was dry already and her tongue was feeling stretched.

“What are you doing?”

“Is it not working? I’m sorry, I-” Willow moved into babble mode.

“It’s okay.” Tara sat up and pulled her legs together. “You don’t have to do this. We’ll save it for another day. I’ll give you some pointers.”

“I want to do it now.” Willow protested, dragging one of her fingers along Tara’s thigh.

Tara sighed and kissed her cheek. Willow melted like soft ice cream in the sun as Tara kissed along the side of her neck and licked a long stripe along her collarbone.

“How about we do this first?” Tara licked around one of Willow’s nipples and blew gently, the cool air making her nipple even harder. “Is this good?”

“Very good.” Willow stroked between Tara’s breasts. “But I want too. . .”

“New plan.” Tara told her as she gave the same treatment to Willow’s other breast. “Okay?”

“I think I can live with it.” Willow gasped as Tara added a stroking finger near her clit to the mess of sensations. “Definitely okay.”


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