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30 Day Challenge: Day 1 (Willow/Tara)
bela, supernatural
Title: Day 1 (Anal Sex)
Word Count: 786
Warnings: Explicit sex, Anal sex, lesbian sex
Summary: Tara's trying something new tonight.

Willow relaxed back against the pillows as Tara worked down her body. They were still new at this and Willow liked the attention. Tara’s tongue licking across her collarbone, swirling around her nipples and sucking gently over her navel. She felt warm and as Tara slid lower on the bed, Willow spread her legs even more and tilted her hips up to present herself a little more easily.

Tara’s mouth was warm and the heat between her legs grew as Tara’s tongue licked gently between her folds. A shiver ran through Willow’s body as Tara’s tongue probed deeper, the scrape of teeth over her clit was just the right mixture of pressure, pleasure and pain.

“Mhmh.” Willow whimpered when Tara pulled away. Fingers replaced tongue and Willow watched with half-lidded eyes as Tara fussed with something and ran cool slick fingers over her inner thighs. “What are you doing?” She mumbled, the words not coming out too clearly.

“Trying something new. You’ll like it.” Tara sank back down between her legs and Willow returned to her happy place as Tara stroked a finger down the centre of her folds. She heard the rip of a condom wrapper but didn’t think much of it.

Tara’s slick finger was still moving though. Past the thin sensitive skin where their pleasure ended. Willow tensed up and shifted up on the bed a second later when Tara’s finger found another opening in her body.

“Relax.” Tara stroked her thigh and ran her finger around the muscle and skin Willow had never been more aware of. She stroked right over the tiny hole and there was a shiver of pleasure, not as strong as the ones Willow had felt earlier, but it wasn’t half bad. The skin wasn’t as sensitive as Willow was used to, but she felt the change as Tara pulled the condom down over her finger.

“Are you going to. . .” Willow was staring now, she couldn’t see her own asshole, but she could see most of Tara’s hand and she could watch her facial expressions.

“Is that okay?” Tara asked, encouraging Willow’s decision with another little stroke over this new area.

Willow nodded, her muscles tensed as Tara stroked right over her hole again and again. She took deep breaths, trying to relax, this probably wasn’t too different from the first time Oz had. . .



“Are you okay?” Tara asked, her finger stopped moving and was pressing gently on the edge of the muscle ring.

“Yeah.” Willow sighed and sunk into the bed, trying to let the tension run out.

Tara’s other hand covered her folds and as she squeezed Willow’s clit the sensation blocked out the other feelings for a second. As the shivers of pleasure died away Willow became aware of a different pressure, a feeling that wasn’t as much painful as it was weird.

Willow craned her neck, trying to see where Tara’s finger had disappeared inside her.

“Wait.” Tara pushed down on her chest. “I don’t think that’ll work. We’ll try a mirror one day.” She promised and moved her finger buried in Willow’s asshole.

“Oh.” Willow took a deep breath. It didn’t feel amazing, not like Tara’s tongue on her clit or even the two fingers Tara liked to pump in and out of her pussy. It wasn’t terrible either, Tara moved again and there was definitely something there.

“Good?” Tara asked and her tiny thrusts became a little bit bigger.

Willow pushed her hips down in answer, meeting Tara’s little thrust. The finger went deeper inside her asshole and rubbed hard along a layer of skin.

“Very good.” Willow answered.

Tara smiled and Willow sighed as the finger inside her rubbed along the inside flesh again. Willow lifted her hips but Tara’s finger could not reach as deep as she wanted. She could feel the knuckles of her other fingers pressed between her cheeks and wished they weren’t holding back.

It took both of Tara’s hands to get her off. Two fingers from one hand stroking over her clit and dipping into her pussy and the index finger of her other hand buried in Willow’s asshole in a way she’d never imagined enjoying.

Willow panted through her orgasm, her limbs tingling and her asshole feeling oddly open and airy.

“What did you think?” Tara asked, walking back from the bathroom, condom disposed off and hands washed. “Was it. . .”

“I think we’ll try it again.” Willow answered, rolling onto her side so Tara could crawl in beside her.

“Yeah?” Tara smiled as Willow lowered her head to take one of her nipples into her mouth.

Willow nodded, her teeth tugging on Tara’s nipple as her head bobbed up and down.


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