Avoid the Bus Stop Bathrooms
bela, supernatural
Title: Avoid the Bus Stop Bathrooms
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Charlie/Meg
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Charlie meets a woman on the bus. She doesn't usually go down on strangers, but this time it saves her life.
Disclaimer: Supernatural and its characters belong to Eric Kripke.

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Bad Bad Girl
bela, supernatural
Title: Bad Bad Girl
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Lilith/Ruby (non-con)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Lilith traps Ruby upstairs. She wants to have some fun after she sends Dean Winchester to Hell.
Disclaimer: Supernatural and its characters belong to Eric Kripke.

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SPN Pairing Bingo Card
bela, supernatural
Ruby/Lilith Charlie/Meg Linda Tran/ Jody Mills Lisa/ Anna Jo/Crossover
Lisa/ Meg Krissy Chambers/ Charlie Ruby/ Jo Ellen/ Pamela Barnes Charlie/Becky
Josie Sands/ Abaddon Jo/ Tessa WILD CARD Charlie/ Dorothy Baum Gwen Campbell/ Annie Hawkins
Jo/Bela Ellen/ Annie Hawkins Anna/ Jessica Moore Bela/ Meg Charlie/ Crossover
Eve/ Lenore Jessica Moore/ OC Claire Novak/ Krissy Chambers Artemis/ Tracey Belle Lisa/ Crossover

30 Day Challenge: Day 10 (Willow/Tara)
bela, supernatural
Title: Day 10 (Phone Sex)
Word Count: 502
Warnings: None
Summary: Tara doesn't get why they have to do it this way, Willow is only a five minute walk away from her room.

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30 Day Challenge: Day 9 (Willow/Tara)
bela, supernatural
Title: Day 9 (Angry Sex)
Word Count: 602
Warnings: sort of AU, dubcon, rough sex
Summary: Tara finds the Lethe's Bramble and she doesn't take it well.

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30 Day Challenge: Day 8 (Willow/Tara)
bela, supernatural
Title: Day 8 (Anniversary Sex)
Word Count: 684
Warnings: AU, dubcon
Summary: Willow can never let Tara go, even if she's not actually alive anymore.

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Harrison Kelso Tries to Help (Supernatural/Scrubs) 1/1
bela, supernatural
Title: Harrison Kelso Tries to Help
Genre: Gen, Hurt/Comfort, Crossover (Supernatural/Scrubs, with a couple of Doctor Who references thrown in)
Characters: Sam & Dean Winchester, Harrison & Bob Kelso, Perry Cox, Carla Espinosa, JD, Molly Clock, Uriel
Summary: Dean and Sam save Harrison's glitter covered ass and he calls his Dad in when Dean won't wake up. Sam sits through some painful ministrations at Sacred Heart before getting Dean out when people start talking about psych drugs and paranoid delusions.
Set in the first two seasons of Supernatural, and around season four for Scrubs (Whenever Molly was working there).

Notes: Written for lauehime's Winchester Festival of Hurt Comfort for this prompt:

Maybe it's just something about looking at one show from the perspective of another show. Anyway! Does anyone remember Scrubs? I mean, it's a hospital show... if someone wants to put one (or both) of the boys at Sacred Heart then that would just be, like, the coolest. Doesn't even matter what reason -- sickness, injury, whatever. Bonus points if the other brother argues with one of the doctors over his treatment.

This got a lot longer than I meant and it doesn't really feature JD because his voice is just way too freaking hard for me to write. Also, if you imagine Dr. Cox's voice when he speaks, it works a lot better. I just finished marathoning Scrubs and I had to do this.
-- Now on AO3

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bela, supernatural
Hi SpnSummerGen Writer,

I probably should have saved a version of what I put in my form. I don't remember much of what I said I disliked, so take that for what you will. If it didn't bother me enough for me to remember it, you're probably okay to write about it. (There are two things I don't really read).

I have a very special place in my heart for Kevin Tran, so if you include him in some way, I'll probably melt into a happy puddle of joy. Most of what I write and read is Hurt/Comfort, but I occasionally go beyond that and read case fic, fluff, some dark fic once and awhile. I like happy endings, or at least endings that provide some closure.

Two Things I don't really read:
1) Character death makes me sad and I generally avoid it, unless it's canon. Bela Talbot, Bobby, Kevin, all of the Winchesters yeah, I can deal with it if it's in a canon sense.
2) End!verse and fics where the brothers retire/stop hunting/one of them dies for good this time. I have read some pieces like this that I loved, but it's not my usual cup of tea.

I hope this helped you a little :) Happy writing!

30 Day Challenge: Day 7 (Willow/Tara)
bela, supernatural

Title: Day 7 (Creative Sexual Position)
Word Count: 718
Warnings:Smut, probably very unsafe and impossible sex
Summary: Willow wants to try a new type of 69ing. They just need a bungee cord.

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